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Written Reviews

Written Reviews

Whitecart Dental Care

I thought I had missed my opportunity to have my teeth straightened as I am in my 30s. I had noticed other people's teeth and various work that was carried out and decided to try Whitecart Dental Care.

At my consultation much to my surprise, I was advised it wasn't too late; I could rectify my uneven teeth by wearing a brace.

I attended approximately 5/6 months. Over this period of time my teeth gradually moved to become a beautiful even row.

The staff are very professional and welcoming. I have no hesitation recommending this dentist, since finding them other members of my family have also registered with them.

Thank you for my beautiful smile

Whitecart Dental Care

Having been anxious for years about dental visits, I visited this practise after suffering dental pain was immediately felt reassured by the staff. Ended up having to get root treatment. I received first class care, felt no pain and had nothing to be worried about.

Whitecart Dental Care

I have recently joined 'Whitecart Dental Care' after being with my previous dentist for nearly 30 years. I have just had a new bridge fitted by Colin and I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the result.

Colin spent a great deal of time to get it just right and I just wanted to say how much I appreciated his efforts. It was rather daunting to try to find another dentist after all these years, but I now feel that I am in good hands.

Thanks again,

Whitecart Dental Care

Walking into Whitecart Dental Care was like a breath of fresh air! There is an energy around this bright space and it immediately makes you feel welcome.

I met both Colin and Carole on different occasions and liked them instantly. After a conversation with Colin about how much I had longed for straight teeth he explained to me that this was indeed achievable even though, I was far from my teens, my teeth were healthy and well looked after. He explained the procedure in great detail and said he was confident that I would be happy with the results.

The journey began! Each appointment was made easy and each stage was carefully explained. This made me totally relaxed about all the work which lay ahead.

All the staff are delightful, polite and helpful at all times making each visit a joy.

Today the work has been completed. The result just as Colin promised, amazing!

Under his care and experience I have that beautiful smile, a dream come true. I am so glad that I walked into the Whitecart Dental Care office and met Colin and his team.

I will be happy to stay with them and continue to visit with regular check ups in order to keep up my perfect smile.

Whitecart Dental Care

I would recommend this practice to friends or family.

Colin told me about the six month smile and since I have crooked teeth all of my adult life I was very interested. I am a 58 year old grandma but I have always been self conscious about my smile.......not anymore ! After six months of wearing an almost invisible brace I now have what I am calling, my Hollywood smile. The care and attention I received from everyone at the surgery was first class. I would encourage anyone to go for it ! Special special thanks to Colin and Emma for their excellent treatment, indeed to all staff. I am a very happy...smiley patient.

From the moment you enter the surgery you are made feel comfortable and welcome.

As a nervous patient I am happy and delighted with Whitecart Dental Care.

Whitecart Dental Care

The team at Whitecart Dental practice have given me exceptional care and attention which has changed the health of my mouth and teeth after years of lesser care from other practices. It's not an overstatement to say that this has changed my overall health for the better! I would thoroughly recommend this practice to anyone.

Whitecart Dental Care

My experience at Whitecart Dental Care wasn't your normal dental experience. The service was warm and friendly which made me feel like I was in safe hands. Myself and Colin talked through all the options and we both agreed that veneers would be best suited.

I am still so overwhelmed with the end result, I can't believe the difference and I never thought my teeth could ever look so good. Colin and everyone at Whitecart Dental Care have changed my life completely. I recommend anyone who is thinking of getting any work done to visit Colin and his team.

Whitecart Dental Care

Whitecart Dental Care provided me with a high quality dental service responding quickly to emergencies in a professional and efficient manner. I have now recommended them to family and friends.

Whitecart Dental Care

I joined Whitecart Dental two years ago and I am delighted that I made this decision. Although I had always maintained my teeth, like me, they were showing signs of ageing – and needed a little care and attention. During my first visit with Colin, we made a very simple plan to improve the health and look of my teeth which involved about four further appointments. At each appointment Colin explained exactly what he was going to do and made me feel at ease. I am delighted with the results and generally feel much better about the appearance of my teeth.

Apart from the excellent dental care I have received from Colin, I love the flexible hours the practice offers, the clean, up to date surroundings and the very warm welcome from Margaret and the rest of the team.

Whitecart Dental Care

When I encounter meritorious service I have to put my commendations down in writing. My first contact was on the 20th of January when I spoke to Margaret, the practice manager, to register as a patient. Margaret has a very friendly welcoming manner, excellent interpersonal skills, on top of her remit, in other words a superb first line ambassador and great asset to the practice.

On the 21st of January I had my first appointment to see you and since then have had a further eight. You have a vivacious, radiant personality and have a warm, scintillating, engaging manner that immediately relaxes the patient. You convey clear concise information throughout all the procedures. You are a dedicated and exceptionally professional skilled dentist.

A happy harmonious atmosphere pervades the practice and it is evident that all the high calibre staff contribute to the motivated service with outstanding teamwork.

I have been with five dental practices but yours is of supreme standards in all respects. I shall be singing the praises of your practice to all and sundry by recommending they register without hesitation.

Whitecart Dental Care

I received new top dentures and am very happy with them. They fit wonderfully and are the best set I have ever had. Before I had them I had to slice an apple before eating it, but now I can bite into it no problem. I have been a patient at this practice for several years: the service is outstanding as are the staff.

Whitecart Dental Care

Phobia of the dentists that's me. Never trusted a dentist until now. I've had problems with my teeth most of my life. Feared the dentists and never found a dentist I could trust until now. Thanks to my neighbour who told me about Whitecart, she wasn't wrong, they actually treat like you like family.

Margaret who is the receptionist makes you feel at home and not at a dentist. Makes you feel comfortable and at easy. My whole experience at whitecart has been one of the best experiences of my life, in fact it has changed my life and I actually love going to the dentist now. Massive thank you to my Dentist Carol and also Alexis for helping me achieve my smile back again.

Whitecart Dental Care

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to undertake my VDP year as part of the Whitecart Care Dental team. This was a highly sought after position amongst newly qualified dentists based on the practice, the location and most significantly the opportunity to be a part of and work with the current dental team in place.

This year has allowed me to develop not only my core clinical skills, but professionally as a competent and confident dental practitioner. With the support and guidance of Colin and the rest of the team I have had the opportunity to carry out a range of treatments and observe the wide array of treatments that the practice offers, allowing all patients individual needs to be catered for. Carole our trained seditionist takes a relaxed and empathetic approach in the care of dentally anxious patients, and receives referrals from local practitioners. Both Martin and Colin have a keen interest in orthodontics, offering a variety of treatment options, allowing patients to make an informed decision on their own treatment. The practice works closely with our implant referral centre and all practitioners have been trained in the restoration of implants. Therefore continuing care is maintained by ourselves throughout which is valued by our patients, it also ensures an effective long term maintenance plan is implemented.

Our nurses are highly motivated and each has a personal interested in various branches of dentistry, allowing a well balanced and effective team. Alexis works closely alongside Carole in the provision of care for anxious of phobic patients. Ashleigh has the challenging role of being the VDP nurse which requires an increased level of support, and at times can be required to play a key role in communication between the myself and my patients. She participates in majority of the domiciliary visits offered by the practice to a number of local care homes.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my year at Whitecart and feel privileged to had the opportunity to be a part of this practice.

Whitecart Dental Care

It is not very often that one can compliment a dentist/dental practice, but White Cart Dental Practice is the exception to the rule. My family and I have been with this Practice for a number of years now, and can honestly say that every member of Staff is a delight to deal with. We no longer look forward to a visit with trepidation, as most people would, going to a dentist, but because of the relaxed atmosphere, it is, (and I know this will sound ridiculous), almost enjoyable! Our family will be relocating to Symington at the end of May, and we will continue to use the Practice, even though we will have to travel 25 miles. That is how exceptional and professional they all are.

Whitecart Dental Care

As someone new to the practice I have been overwhelmed by the kindness, compassion & patience with which I've been treated. The staff have been responsive to my individual needs, really listened to my concerns and have delivered an excellent service.

I am a very nervous patient and have been putting off some treatment for at least a decade because of my fears (of injections & extraction).

During my routine check-ups and consultations both Carol & Colin took time to explain my options and I have finally taken the plunge, had a tooth out and braces fitted (I am in my mid-40's so this was a big decision for me)

Carol performed the extraction via sedation which has helped me conquer my fears & although the braces are taking some getting used to I feel confident I've made the right decision.

The practice has a real family feel - from reception, to a very talented hygienist, to the care I've received from Carol & Colin and finally but most crucially to Alexis - the sweetest nurse I've ever met. She's got a cracking sense of humour that put me at ease and relaxed me during treatment and she's been available on the phone for advice in the days after the treatment.

As someone who isn't a fan of the dentist there is no better place to go and face your fears & get better teeth.

Whitecart Dental Care

We joined Colin and Carol at their dentist when they first opened in. We have been delighted with the professional, caring and friendly service that we, as a family, receive.

When you arrive you are immediately put at ease. The practice has a bright, clean and welcoming environment. The staff on reception are experienced and helpful and nothing is a bother.

As parents we constantly have questions or concerns about the children's oral health and feel able to ask anything, knowing we will receive a knowledgeable response. Our three children feel extremely comfortable receiving treatment here and we always feel reassured that our children are receiving only the best care.

Getting older I definitely feel nerves return but being talked to through each step is a huge help. Thank you Colin!

We have recommended Whitecart dentist to a number of people who have joined and will continue doing so.

Whitecart Dental Care

I had my first visit to the practice the other day and i have to say that from start to finish the experience was life changing.

I had avoided dental practices for five years due to a severe case of phobia!! I was always sedated fully for any treatment and it always took three or four attempts to even get me in the door for a check up.

I was recommended this practice and was advised to see Colin.

The receptionist was lovely over the phone and in person when I went in to check in.

The practice is welcoming, fresh looking, light and warm.

I have honestly never experienced a dental check up like it before. My dentist was extremely attentive, listened to all of my fears and concerns and somehow very quickly assessed how to handle the situation. I had even advised that one of my main phobias (as silly as it is) is with the probes they use, so he didn't use any and still performed a full and detailed examination.

He even explained everything that was going to happen, what the results were (not as bad as I had thought) and what was going to happen next.

Once he came up with my treatment plan over a couple of appointments he then shocked me further by actually asking how that sounded to me!

I managed to go from utterly terrified and almost walking straight back out to perfectly happy and laughing by the end of it.

I am honestly going to recommend this practice to anyone who asks and for the first time in my life, I am setting a goal to have any treatment I need in the future done without sedation!

Big thumbs up for the practice and all who work there, because it is simply amazing.

Whitecart Dental Care

For someone who is certainly not a fan of the dentist and having only been sporadically over the last 20 years when pain forced my hand, my teeth were not in the best shape and were desperately in need of some attention. An abscess again forced my hand and I chose Whitecart Dental as it was close to home. Colin and team immediately put me at ease and got the abscess sorted out. I then went onto return for around 10 appointments to have 3 new or replacement crowns fitted and had some internal and external bleaching done to fix the discolouration on my front teeth which I was always self conscious of! I am delighted with the results and am very grateful to Colin and the team!